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Interdisciplinary Programs
Graduate School

 Cultural Management (International Program) (M.A.)
English as an International Language (International Program) (M.A./ Ph.D.)
Environment, Development and Sustainability (Ph.D./M.A.)
 Environmental Management (International Program) (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
 European Studies (International Program) (M.A.)
 Korean Studies (M.A.)
Logistics Management (Ph.D.)
Medical Microbiology (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Nanoscience and Technology (International Program) (Ph.D.)
 Southeast Asian Studies (International Program) (M.A.)

Faculty Programs
Faculty of Architecture

Architectural Design

Faculty of Arts
 French for the Business World (International Program) (M.A.)
 Thai Studies (International Program) (M.A./ Ph.D.)

The Faculty of Communication Arts
 Strategic Communication Management (International Program)

Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy
 Business Administration (International Program) (D.B.A.)
 Finance (English Program) (M.Sc.)
 Information Technology in Business (English Program) (M.Sc)
 International Business Management (International Program) (M.M.)

Faculty of Dentistry
Esthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry ( M.Sc.International Program)
Dental Public Health (Ph.D.International Program)
Geriatric Dentistry and Special Patients Care
(M.Sc. International Program)

Orthodontics (Ph.D. International Program)
Oral Biology (M.Sc. International Program)
Oral Biology (Ph.D. International Program)

Faculty of Economics
Business and Managerial Economics (International Program) (M.A.)
Economics (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (International Program) (M.Sc.)
Health Economics (International Program) (M.Sc.)
International Economics and Finance (International Program) (M.A.)
Labour Economics and Human Resource Management (International Program) (M.A.)

Faculty of Education

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (English Program) (M.Ed.)
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (International Program) (M.Ed.)

Faculty of Engineering
 Civil Engineering (International Program) (Ph.D.)
 Engineering Management (International Program) (M.Eng.)
 Infrastructure in Civil Engineering (International Program) (M.Eng.)
 Petroleum Engineering (International Program) (M.Eng.)

Faculty of Law
Business Law (International Program) (LL.M.)

Faculty of Medicine
Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology
(International Program) (Ph.D.)

Health Development (International Program) (M.Sc.)
Medical Sciences (International Program) (M.Sc.)
Medical Sciences (International Program) (Ph.D..)
Clinical Sciences (M.Sc)
Clinical Sciences (Ph.D)

Faculty of Nursing
Nursing Science (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Nursing Science (M.N.S.)

Faculty of Phamaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Care (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Pharmaceutical Technology (International Program) (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
Social and Administrative Pharmacy (International Program) (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)

Faculty of Political Science
International Development Studies (International Program) (M.A.)

Faculty of Science
Agricultural Technology (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Computer Science and Information (English Program) (M.Sc.)
Computer Science (English Program) (Ph.D.)
Food Science and Technology (International Program) (M.Sc.)
Petroleum Geoscience (International Program) (M.Sc.)

College of Public Health Sciences
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration

The Petroleum and Petrochemical College

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