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Degree offered: Ph.D.
Address Office Prachathipok-Rumpaipannee Building, 2 Floor , 201 room
Tel: +662-218-7423-4
Fax: +662-251-2354

Contact person for enquiries:
Prof. Dr. Kamonchanok Suthiwartnarueput
, Miss Prarinya Sadthong,Miss Maneerat Yonok
Short introduction
The Ph.D. in Logistics Management program is the only doctoral program in Logistics Management in Thailand that emphasize on advanced logistics management from the integrated perspective. The program is designed to integrate the science and social science aspects concerning logistics business and operations. The program is established by the co-operation among 4 faculties and one research institute namely, Faculties of Commerce and Accountancy, Engineering, Economics, Laws, and the Transport Research Institute. It places an emphasis on developing researchers in logistics and supply chain management both at domestic and international levels. One of the important contributions of the program is to develop new and advance knowledge in logistics and related areas. The program is open for all graduates who hold a master degree in all areas of studies. Student will gain benefits from sharing their experiences from various fields dealing with logistics and supply chain system. The program focuses on research work, with a variety of research fields such as management, marketing, engineering, laws, economics, information system and technology, operations, etc. This will depend on the students' and the supevisors' interests.
Key research areas:
logistics and supply chain/management/systems/operations
/engineering/economics/laws/information system and technology.
Research collaborations
Apart from the Faculties of Commerce and Accountancy, Engineering,Economics,Laws, and the Transport Research Institute, the program in also collaborated with the business sector like the Thai Logistics and Productions Association (TLAPS), and the Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Association of Thailand (PSCMT).

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