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Biomedical Sciences (Ph.D.)
Cultural Management (M.A.)
Cultural Management (International Program) (M.A.)
Dental Biomaterials Science (Ph.D.), (M.Sc.)
English as an International Language (International Program) (M.A./ Ph.D.)
Energy Technology and Management (M.Sc.)
Environment, Development and Sustainability (M.A./Ph.D.)
Hazardous Substance and Environmental Management   (International Program) (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
Environmental Science (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
European Studies (International Program) (M.A.)
Human and Social Development (M.A.)
Korean Studies (M.A.), (International Program)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (M.S.)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Ph.D.)
Maritime Administration (M.S.)
Medical Microbiology (M.Sc.)
Medical Microbiology (Ph.D.)
Nanoscience and Technology (International Program) (Ph.D.)
Pharmacology (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
Physiology (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)
Southeast Asian Studies (International Program) (M.A.)
Technopreneurship and Innovation Management (M.Sc./ Ph.D.)

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