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Art Education (M.Ed.)
Audio-Visual Communications (M.Ed.)
Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Development Education (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Early Childhood Education (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Educational Administration (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Educational Communications and Technology (Ph.D.)
Educational Measurement and Evaluation (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Educational Psychology (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Educational Research (M.Ed.)
Educational Research Methodology (Ph.D.)
Educational Statistics (M.Ed.)
Elementary Education (M.Ed.)
Health Education (M.Ed.)
Higher Education (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Higher Education Management (International Program) (Higher. Grad. Dip.)
Mathematics Education (M.Ed./)
Non-Formal Education (M.Ed./ Ph.D.)
Science Education (M.Ed.)
Supervision and Curriculum Development (M.Ed.)
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (English Program) (M.Ed.)
Teaching Social Studies (M.Ed.)
Teaching Thai Language (M.Ed.)

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