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Degree offered: Master

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Contact person for enquiries: - Ms.Pramepanaya Saiyachid, Staff
- Assist.Pro.Dr.Pakpachong Vadhanasindhu, Director
Short introduction
The master of Management Program in International Business was designed to fill the urgent demand of young managers, who need to understand the complex nature of the current business environment. They also need to be equipped with skills, knowledge and experience in international business management as well as in cross-cultural behavior.
With three regular semesters and one summer semester, the 36 credit-hour programs offers students two choice in order to complete the study program: Plan A, which requires a 12 credit-hour thesis, or Plan B, which requires a 3 credit-hour independent study.
We OFFER the Master of Management Program in International Business with the full support of our interdisciplinary and experienced faculty. We SEEK students who are actual players in today’s business community, and those who strive for challenging opportunities to venture into the complex world of global business. We KNOW that, in the year ahead, we will be supplying the business community, both nationally and internationally, with capable and ethical managers and business leaders.

Key research areas:
1. International business management
2. Marketing Management
3. Foreign Market Entry strategy
4. Independent Study
5. International Business Research
6. International Marketing Management
Research collaborations
• Aachen University
• Etc.
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